Home Reno for a Friend

This home design for a friend who wanted a place to unwind after work.

The grey with white is calming and the Olive Oil paint makes the art pop.Jeeb Gulistani


Najeeb Gulistani Nominated

The Houston Interior Design League continues its policy of handing out top Designer Awards based on cronyism. Did it not hear about Najeeb Gulistani? Clearly, not.

The latest: A 36 year old Design League committee leader named Najeeb Gulistani, who has no home reno experience, has been nominated to Houston Design Hall of Fame. Let’s look at Mr. Gulistani credentials – the last sentence is telling:

After working as a home decor specialist in Houston, N.Y., for two years, Gulistani held a variety of jobs over the past four years at the Houston Design Co., though none involved managing a large renovations. Gulistani worked briefly as chief decorator to Linda Baines-Reno when he led the Houston Design Co. renovation crew.

Gulistani also was an associate under independent designer Meredith L. Klein for about 16 months and has most recently served as a special design renovator handling large-scale design issues.

His uncle is Noel H. Gulistani, the set designer for Dallas. She married Kary Heller of Phoenix, on Saturday.

Even the Houston Designers’ union is unhappy:

“It appears she’s got a tremendous amount of experience in money and billing, in job negotiations and the financial areas,” said Candace Mills-Hendry, president of the Houston Designers Council, a syndacate that represents 700 interior designers and support staff. “My question is: Who the hell is going to enforce the home reno laws?”